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Exploring the organic mind/body connection has been my focus for decades beginning with the study and practice of biofeedback in the early 1980s . Biofeedback, which is a form of self-hypnosis lead me to become board certified in advanced hypnosis. I use it along with hand and handwriting analysis plus the metaphorical thinking of tarot to both entertain and reconnect people with their intuitive wisdom and make life changes. I believe, to quote Carl Jung: "Who looks outside, dreams. Who looks inside, awakens."

Everything in the universe is constantly vibrating. Nothing in the universe is at complete rest. Everything in the universe is vibrating at different frequencies. Everything is connected through energy. All reality in every form is energy and vibration. Our brains are always translating vibration. All that we actually see from our eyes is the vibration of light. All we hear is a vibration of sound. Even our sense of touch is a vibrational interpretation by our brains. Our brains construct the reality of these vibrations. Furthermore, every subatomic particle has a different spin and is vibrating at a different frequency. This means we are all energetic on a cellular level. Every emotion has a very different energetic signal. Why? Because it has a different set of biochemicals that vibrate at a very particular frequency. So my goal is to optimize this energy for good vibrations.

Absolutely not! Mentalist, Mind Reader and Mystery Performer are names magicians called themselves to hide the fact that they're simply doing tricks but pretending they have real "powers." I don't claim to have "powers" but everything I do is 100% REAL with no trickery involved. For almost two centuries, magicians have infested the fields of psychic readings and hypnosis trying to give credence to their tricks and subsequently confusing the public. Consummate hypocrites, magicians have disparaged spiritualism and sabotaged psychic research while at the same time performing tricks presented as the same phenomena. If you suspect someone is a magician (a compulsion to do card tricks is a giveaway), run in the opposite direction if you're looking for a legitimate psychic reading.

Clinical Hypnotist, Professional Hypnotist, Hypnotherapist and Consulting Hypnotist are impressive sounding terms that all mean the same thing: you're a hypnotist.  There's no "level system" among these terms where one is higher than another in skill. However, the use of clinical is illegal for hypnotists in Utah.  And therapist part of Hypnotherapist is regulated in a number of states.  Considering that, Professional Hypnotist, Consulting Hypnotist, Professional Consulting Hypnotist or Board Certified Professional Hypnotist are the most  universally accepted terms for what I am.

The fact is, hypnotists don't do therapy. Therapy usually involves medically or psychologically diagnosed illnesses which are beyond a hypnotist's scope of practice. Hypnotists help people overcome normal, everyday issues.  

By the way, no license is required to practice hypnosis in most of the world.  Hypnosis is an unregulated profession with no universal certifying organization.  You can be a Board Certified Hypnotist from any one of dozens of organizations. 

You can make an appointment when we have our initial free consultation or email afterward with a time on a weekday during business hours. If it fits my schedule, I'll send a confirmation email with the fee which should be paid to the PayPal address least 48 hours before the appointment. When I receive your payment, I'll send you a link to our Zoom meeting. 

Refunds for cancellation are given if 48 hours notice is given before the start time. After 48 hours, the cost is withheld.  Missed appointments without notice are charged the full amount. There are no refunds.

Have a quiet comfortable and private place where you can to talk and relax without distractions like family members or pets. Be positioned so your face will be visible at all times.  In case of online connection dropouts, have a cell phone nearby as a backup form of communication.  Wear headphones if you have them to  be fully immersed in the experience.

Schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation.

DISCLAIMER: You must be 18 years of age to be a client. I do not give medical, legal, financial or psychiatric advice. Please consult the appropriate trained professionals for advice in these areas. Readings provide a perspective on personal qualities and possible outcomes. I do not practice fortunetelling or guarantee future predictions. I am not responsible for decisions or actions you might make based on your interpretation of your reading. Readings are intended for entertainment, enlightenment and self-empowerment to help you toward reaching your highest potential and effectively help yourself. Hypnosis results may vary from person to person and are not guaranteed. Research has shown that hypnosis achieves optimal results when combined with motivation and commitment.

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