Change your future with enlightening
and empowering private consultations.

Psychic readings are an entertaining and novel experience at social events (most people have never encountered them except in films, TV and books). However, private consultations take them to a deeper, more personal level that can provide personal insights, which can affect future decisions. The true value of a reading is what you do with it afterwards.

Likewise, while amazing demonstrations of hypnotic phenomena are played for laughs during a stage show, the same power of the mind in a one-on-one session can help make rapid life changes.

The futures palmistry, handwriting analysis, tarot and hypnosis help create can be filled with clarity of purpose, greater confidence, freedom from  anxiety, overcoming fears, breaking unhealthy habits like smoking and overeating.

You might be surprised to learn that psychic readings are a form of waking hypnosis. They involve concentration and imagination and open you to suggestion just like a hypnotic induction. Knowing this, I am extremely careful to perform readings that will resonate with your subconscious mind to create a positive future going forward.

Unethical psychics have destroyed vulnerable people's lives by pretending to be prophets of doom and suggesting they need "cleansing" to remove curses. In reality, people curse themselves with their own harmful thinking. And that's something hypnosis can easily  change with no mumbo jumbo.

Palmistry and handwriting analysis:
providing insights from biofeedback.

Mind-Body Connection

My interest in the body-mind connection began forty years ago with the study and practice of biofeedback which is the science of monitoring various biological functions like our heartbeat and body temperature and learning to control them through the feedback. This lead to investigating forms of psychic reading like palmistry and handwriting analysis that are natural, organic and don't involve the technology associated with biofeedback.

There is a greater proportion of the brain devoted to the hands than any other part of the body. As infants, we discover the world through our hands which creates a huge neurological connection. The way people gesture when speaking illustrates how hands are the visible part of the brain.

Palmistry and graphology give clues about what's going on with a person on a subconscious level they may not be aware of just like biofeedback does. Through our hands, they bring personality characteristics to the surface, illuminating blind spots. Palm reading and handwriting analysis help people get clarity and focus about who they are and where they're going. 

Palm Reading

The hand is a map to the brain. The lines in the palm are like roads. Palm reading helps you consider where those roads are leading. I use traditional palmistry interpretations along with some psychology and current hand science.

When there’s no energy going to the hands, no stimulation, the lines go away. It’s like what happens with botox or a stroke. The lines in the hands are created by cognition, the nervous system, not movement. Some people who don't use their hands a lot will have many lines in their hands. Others who do use their hands a lot will have few lines. Even a child could have a hand full of lines because it's of their nature.

The hand's shape doesn't change once a person reaches maturity. Fingerprints don’t change either, they’re formed before we’re born. The lines in the palm do change over the course of our lives, growing forks, getting darker, lighter, receding. Also the mounts, the fleshy pads of the palm fluctuate.

A comprehensive palm reading involves many factors beyond the palm lines: the mounts in the hand, the skin texture, flexibility, finger length, many qualities of the thumb alone, the body language of the hand, the fingerprints (called dermataglyphics), the joints, phalanges and many secondary and tertiary lines.

Handwriting Analysis

Handwriting is brainwriting. Even in cases where people have lost use of their hands and have to relearn writing with their feet or holding a pen in their mouth, their handwriting looks the same because it’s their brain that’s creating it.

Just as writing is a symbol of reality, the way we write is a symbolic representation of ourselves. Handwriting analysis is an examination of the metaphors expressed in our control of the writing instrument. It is the interpretation of what the gestures made on paper say about your personality and vision of the world.

 When getting a writing sample for analysis, a blank sheet of paper is an empty canvas that allows room to demonstrate self-expression. A handwriting sample is a frozen gesture. A snapshot of the mood you're in at the time. Though handwriting is variable according to our moods, if your handwriting consistently reflects a quality you want to change you can do so through graphotherapy

Graphotherapy is basically practicing constructive behaviors that affect your neurology. Consciously practicing altering certain writing characters through daily practice over a month or so can break habitual behavior patterns and change your perceptions. Changing your writing reprograms the neurology associated with behavior patterns. Change your writing and change your life.

Tarot: revealing signs on your path forward.

If you're familiar with the expression "looking for a sign," that's what tarot reading is about. Tarot is looking for signs and symbols that create a narrative of forward action or warnings about the present and steps ahead. Some of these signs could be the writing on the wall you're ignoring.

After a tarot reading, you'll probably become more aware of the signs. The reading may make more sense the next day after it percolates with your wiser inner advisor.

Tarot reading is a collaboration. The interpretation of the cards depends on your question. The better the question the better the answer. Merging the ideas presented by the cards and their positions to each other allows us to transcend rational thinking and gain intuitive insights and solutions from the subconscious.

Tarot works because the subconscious communicates in symbols, images and emotions not logic. Reading tarot cards creates a dream-like state similar to hypnosis, opening you up to suggestion. For this reason, the meaning for the narrative they create should ultimately be yours, only guided by the reader's interpretations.

My tarot readings are about guidance and possibilities, not predictions. Predictions can disempower you by planting seeds through suggestion that can grow into self-fulfilling prophecies, blinding you to future options.  For better or worse, expectation can lead to realization.

A liberating approach to hypnosis. 

You can keep your issue a secret.

If you prefer, you can keep the reason for the hypnosis session to yourself. Divulging the details may be awkward.  If you're embarrassed  or sensitive about discussing the issue, there's no need to.   The session will be just as effective because the change you desire will come from within your subconscious, elicited by hypnosis. That said, you should have a well-defined idea of what you want to change to measure your success.

No digging into your past.

My approach to hypnotic change does not involve weeks or months digging up and analyzing your past.  Rehashing the past is retraumatizing and a waste of time that's best spent dealing with the present. Insight into the past doesn't change the past. You can only change the present. Regressing to a problem's "root cause"  is impossible because there are too many "causes" throughout life and memories are unreliable.

Solution focused rapid change.

Right from the start, we immediately get down to business and establish what you want to change and how hypnosis can help you achieve it. My objective is to accomplish this change in the very first session. The degree of change you've made will be measured at that time.  If more sessions are needed after that, we'll do them.  There's no extra fee for calls or emails after a session.

How can hypnosis empower your life?

Relieve Anxiety

Stop Smoking

Manage Weight

Conquer Fears

Boost Confidence

Rev Up Athleticism

Control Stress

Maintain Focus

Break Bad Habits

Improve Sleep

Release Sadness

Manage Pain

Get Over An Ex

Moderate Drinking

Speak Publically

Feel Worthy

Ready for a rapid hypnotic transformation?

Unfortunately, some people aren't ready for rapid hypnotic transformation. They may think of themselves as hopeless cases and have their identity invested in being their "problem." They're stuck, clinging to old patterns of limited thinking out of a self-destructive sense of security.  Or even when seeking help, they may be resistant to actively participating in their change and just expect it to "magically" happen to them.  

You must be 100% committed to change for hypnosis to succeed. The desire to change must come within yourself or it won't be a lasting change. Be clear about what you want, not what you don't want. Is the change you want a goal or something you want to get rid of?

Imagine if you woke up tomorrow morning and somehow during the night a miracle completely resolved your issue, How would you know that miracle took place? What would you feel? What would you observe? What would you be aware of that let you know that miracle took place?

If you're ready to break free of your past and take control of your life, hypnosis can help. 

Strangely enough, people are already hypnotized before they see a hypnotist. It's a matter of unhypnotizing them from the unproductive trance they're in and replacing it with a more beneficial one. Rewiring their mind to change habitual beliefs and patterns of behavior. Change your mind, change your life.

This change doesn't require will power, which is a logical, conscious mind activity. If all it took was will power you could do it yourself. However, the source of your problem is subconscious. Hypnosis creates communication directly with the subconscious mind, where meaningful change can be made to emotions, feelings, drives, beliefs and behaviors.

Explore your inner dimensions
with the Soul Search State.

Hypnosis is the doorway to the subconscious. The Soul Search State is an ultra deep, profound level of hypnosis that transcends time and space where anything is possible (kind of like the Twilight Zone). A journey to the Soul Search State can be used for self-inquiry, reflection and personal growth by probing for answers buried within. On a metaphysical level,  it's a place where those who are curious can explore and experience different planes of existence and consciousness. Where past lives can be visited, spirit guides encountered and you can be your own trance medium.  This deep dive into the center of your mind is only limited by your imagination.  A trip here can be a soul stirring adventure.

Prices for Zoom private consultations.
Initial 15 Minute Phone Consultation 


Let's talk about how my services can best help you achieve enlightenment or make an empowering change.

30 Minute Reading 


Your choice of a palm reading, handwriting/drawing analysis, tarot card reading or pendulum reading. Time permitting, a combination of these could be done. Obviously, the depth and detail I'm able to discuss is determined by the time available. 

60 Minute Reading or Hypnosis Session


A hypnosis session requires the full hour.

Or your choice of a palm reading, handwriting/drawing analysis, tarot card reading or pendulum reading. Time permitting, a combination of these could be done.

90 Minute Reading or Hypnosis Session


An extended hypnosis session.

Or your choice of a palm reading, handwriting/drawing analysis, tarot card reading or pendulum reading. Time permitting, a combination of these could be done.

To make private consultations affordable to individuals in need, prices are lower than entertainment services for group social events.

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DISCLAIMER: You must be 18 years of age to be a client. I do not give medical, legal, financial or psychiatric advice. Please consult the appropriate trained professionals for advice in these areas. Readings provide a perspective on personal qualities and possible outcomes. I do not practice fortunetelling or guarantee future predictions. I am not responsible for decisions or actions you might make based on your interpretation of your reading. Readings are intended for entertainment, enlightenment and self-empowerment to help you toward reaching your highest potential and effectively help yourself. Hypnosis results may vary from person to person and are not guaranteed. Research has shown that hypnosis achieves optimal results when combined with motivation and commitment.

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