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Experience Mister Vibe
Palm Readings and
Mind Massages in
the Chicago area at:

Saturday, December 20th
5:00 pm to 9:00 pm


Chicago based reader Mister Vibe unveils your hidden dimensions, desires and destiny through a unique combination of hand / palm reading and handwriting analysis. Pendulum readings and mind massages are also offered for your illumination and relaxation.

Mister Vibe keeps it real with a focus on the natural magic in your body and mind. No artificial additives (like runes, crystals and charts) or mumbo jumbo is used. Unlike any other palm reader, tarot card reader or psychic advisor you have ever experienced, your vision will be truly clear when you look into your heart with Mister Vibe.

Clients, events and venues performed at include: Montblanc Boutique, Design Within Reach, Yelp, Meridian Medical, Sealed Air, American Cancer Society, Hoerr Schaudt, Komed Holman Center, Pearlchem, LivHome, Wildlife Company, West Suburban PADS, Revolution Brewing, Vibrant Media, Sentrana, Surgical Museum, Lake Forest Women's Club, Tails of Hope, Alhambra Palace, Untitled, Hubbard Inn, The Metro, Smart Bar, Underground Wonder Bar, Live Wire, Cobra Lounge, Exit, Evil Olive, Bottom Lounge, Abbey Pub, Northdown Cafe, Flat Iron, Empty Bottle, Concord Music Hall, WhirlyBall, High Concept Labs, Threewalls, Heaven Gallery, Twin Orchard Country Club, Sheridan Shores Yacht Club, Mana Contempory, Riverside Complex, Portage Theater, Give Peace A Dance, Yoga Now, Synphoria, Bohdi Center, Nocturna, Freakeasy, Catalyst Collective, C Haus, Peace Fest, Metropolis Ball,,The Orphanage, Cuneo Mansion,,Stan Mansion, Inner Metamorphosis U and Transamoeba Studios..

Available for parties, corporate events and private consultations.



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